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Vetted and Non-Vetted Shows
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The small print

Under TICA’s Show Rules (SR 25), clubs may decide to hold a Vetted or a Non-vetted Show.  The show flyer must state clearly which type of show is being held.

At a Vetted Show:

  • All exhibits (whether in competition or on exhibition) are inspected by a qualified vet (or RVN) before entering the show hall
  • The vet has the authority to reject any exhibit if disease or parasites are suspected
  • The vet’s decision is final and binding

At a Non-vetted show:

  • Exhibits are not subject to a veterinary inspection before they are benched
  • Anyone may report a suspect exhibit to the show manager, who must then arrange for the removal of the exhibit from the show hall and ask the exhibitor to organise an inspection by a vet
  • The show committee may select the vet or provide a list of possible vets
  • If the vet confirms disease, then the exhibit cannot re-enter the show hall and all other exhibits entered (or being agented) by the owner must leave the show hall.
  • If the vet passes the exhibit, then the exhibit may return to the show hall
  • Importantly, the cost of the veterinary inspection is borne by the complaining party (if the exhibit is declared fit) or the owner (if the exhibit is rejected by the vet)
  • Any awards won by the exhibit prior to removal are still retained, as are any Finals awarded after removal

Some clubs may choose to add extra rules of their own (such as spot checks of exhibits by a vet in the hall) or may have a vet available for all or part of the show so that any veterinary fees are minimised.

If a show is advertised as Vetted and subsequently becomes non-vetted, then any exhibitor who has entered may withdraw their entry. They are entitled to have entry and related fees returned if requested (Show Rules 24.3).

Since the show rules make no mention of vaccination requirements, these are determined by each club and should be specified in the show flyer.

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