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The small print

May 2013

December 2012

  • Phil Cornwell elected as RD from 1 Jan 2013
  • Litters from SBV cats can now be registered via TDS Online

September 2012

  • Online registration services now available via TDS Online (SBT cats, same breed, same owner)

April 2012

  • You can now join TICA using our online services. Memberships can also be renewed using this service.

January 2012

  • Vickie Fisher and Bobbie Tullo re-appointed as TICA’s President and Vice-President
  • UK PETS scheme harmonises with rest of the EU (although “pet in cabin” remains an issue for exhibitors)

December 2011

  • Jo Parris takes over as Interim RD for SE Region, following Ed Manning’s resignation
  • Over 60% of voters use the new online voting system

June 2011

  • Regional and Best of Breed awards announced
  • DEFRA announces harmonisation of UK PETS scheme with the rest of the EU from 1 Jan 2012

May 2011

  • TICA exhibits at the first London Pet Show  at Olympia, London
  • TICA is now a Member of FAB and an Affiliate Member of The Cat Group
  • Registration Fees increased as of 1 May 2011

April 2011

  • Membership renewal service added to TDS Online

February 2011

January 2011

  • Board votes to increase some registration fees from 1 May 2011

November 2010

September 2010

August 2010

  • First EW Regional held at Rickmansworth, hosted by CoonTICA

May 2010

  • EU confirms that the current PETS Travel Scheme will remain until 31 Dec 2011.  In addition, a limit of 5 pets per trip will be enforced.

April 2010

  • Membership fees increase on 1 May 2010.  Renew your membership before then at current rates

February 2010

January 2010

  • Winter Board meeting held in Japan
  • Lindsey Wright becomes the first UK trainee to qualify as a TICA judge

December 2009

  • First UK cat earns a Lifetime Achievement award
  • Martin Wood elected as Regional Director for the next 3 years

November 2009

  • Phillipa Holmes becomes the first TICA judge from the UK
  • Pictures of Regional Winners added

October 2009

  • Ballot papers for RD elections being distributed from Oct 15 onwards

September 2009

July 2009

  • International Winners and Regional Winners announced
  • GCCF confirms that owning a GCCF prefix does not force you to register all kittens with GCCF

June 2009

  • TICA is 30 years old this month !
  • "Trophy Cats" (filmed at the CoonTICA show in 2008) shown on the Animal Planet TV channel on 21 June 2009
  • DEFRA announces the EU will seek to retain the current PETS Travel scheme until Dec 2011

May 2009

March 2009

  • The official TICA site (which now includes the old Executive Office site) has had a makeover - visit it and see for yourself. 

February 2009

  • TICA Board announces that the UK will be part of a new 3rd European Region (Western Europe) from 1 May 2009
  • TICA Board votes to remove isolated status from England as of 1 May 2009.  All other parts of the UK will remain in Isolated Status

January 2009

  • Vickie Fisher and Bobbie Tullo elected as the new President and Vice-President of TICA


  • UK members receive their International Awards at the TICA Annual
  • UK Pet Passport Scheme to remain in its present from until June 2010
  • More options for the TItle Discount Program
  • CoonTICA’s Easter Purrade show filmed for an Animal Planet documentary
  • TICA Board meets in France, also visits Royal Canin HQ
  • TICA membership in the UK has grown by 28% during 2007



  • Awards presented to some UK Winners
  • Lindsey Wright from the UK voted the Region’s Member of the Year
  • Microchip information can now be added to pedigree records
  • David Thomas’ unofficial TICA show reports move to a new site
  • New automatic title process available - introductory offer for all cats until 31 May 2007
  • Fee increase on Registrations for non-members of TICA from 1 May 2007 announced
  • Martin Wood from the UK elected as Regional Director for Europe North


  • Statistics from TICA confirm that Europe North has the largest number of TICA members by Region, and that within the Region the UK is the country with the most TICA members
  • DEFRA confirms that hobbyist cat breeders will not be affected by the new EU Regulation on Animal Welfare in Transport following TICA’s response (plus supporting evidence) to the DEFRA Consultation
  • 5 UK exhibitors attended the TICA Annual Show in Hannover, Germany - all had cats final in at least 2 of the 12 rings.  A UK cat is Best of the Best Alter in show
  • First 2 day show held at Bletchley in April 2006, with the largest entry to date at a TICA show
  • Fifth TICA show in the UK held at Derby and featured on BBC's "Inside Out" programme


  • This website and the TICA-UK Yahoo group is launched
  • Three more TICA shows held in the UK and CoonTICA Cat Club founded
  • Martin Wood from the UK voted the Regional Member of the Year
  • Bengal Cat Club of GB (BCCGB) affiliates with TICA after being the first ever cat club to disaffiliate from the GCCF
  • 2005 Semi-Annual Board Meeting authorises the use of GB in front of prefix to ensure UK breeders can keep their existing prefixes with TICA


  • First TICA show held in the UK at Wolverhampton by Cattica
  • UK members lobby successfully to extend the International Incentive for registering cattery name and 5 cats with TICA, and that cats imported into TICA will retain their original names


  • First TICA clubs formed in the UK
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